Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to decorate your Planner

Hi friends,

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year ! 
I hope you all had great holidays and now we all are ready to rock 2017 with creativity and spirit of sharing.

     You might not be aware but I am a huge planner addict and have been obsessed with Erin Condren planners since few years now and I love how it makes my life easy, keeps me motivated and focused for my day. I also have a couple more planners by Kikki K, Heidi Swapp, Prima and Papericious. They all are fantastic and you can do exactly the same things I will be doing in today's video.

The most important thing to remember is

1. Do not try to copy anyone in the way they plan instead u gotta to do what ever u r comfortable in.
2. Love using scraps of pattern papers, stickers,washi tapes, and stamps to decorate your weekly layouts.
3.Decorate and plan your entire month in advance and mark things which are already pre decided , this will help you to keep track of important dates, to dos and deadlines. 
4. Don't go for a massive and impulsive purchase of planner stuff instead build your supplies collection gradually. Good coloured pen set and few washi tapes are basics to start with.

So this a very short and quick video where u will see me create my weekly layout for the first week of January 2017. The layout is very girly and cute because of the patterned paper. You can keep it super simple or extremely elaborate but just remember to leave space to write the important stuff ...that's what planners are made for ....LOL

 click here to watch the video :)

The craft shop has a huge collection of gorgeous planner supplies ,washi tapes,planner stamps and patterned check that now.

Links for supplies
coloured pencils
post it notes
coloured pens
journalling cards(project life)

thanks for watching

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mixed Media on Canvas - My way!

Hello Friends,

I am trying to venture out of my comfort zone. When Priya sent me these cute mini canvas panel, I thought of doing mixed media( of course my way) ! I love these panels - excellent for miniature paintings and fridge magnets. They are mounted on a board so sticking magnet in the back and applying different mediums  is super easy. There are three sizes. I am using two of largest (4x4") and medium (2.25 x 3.5").

Mixed media means creating something beautiful using different mediums and materials. My way of making means it has to convey something. Apart from being just a visual treat it has to be meaningful & cohesive.  Being a CAS card designer, I have very few products which are meant specially for mixed media so I created these around all the found objects, material for my cards and some from my garden. I collected all and used many of them for my project.

And most important of all is Acrylic Wall putty by 'Asian Paints'

It is most inexpensive way of adding texture to your projects. I had this lying as we just got our house painted , last month. 
all the found objects were leading me to a beach theme. So, I made set of three panels.

For two, small panels I decide to paint some sky, sea and sandy beach.

For the sky and sea I used mix of blues and green acrylic colors. For sandy beach, I glued sand on a heavy coat of white glue which dries clear (  fevicryl febric glue,Favicol or Mod podge )

I also used white embossing paste for the foam. Pretty easy, isn't it?

For the large panel, I decided to use wall putty for texture and same colors to tie all three panels together.

Check the amazing texture you get without any efforts.

Once thoroughly dried, paint it with acrylic colors.

while the paints are still wet, remove some of the paint from raised parts with a damp rag.

Apply some white paint with a hard, old brush for added texture. I also applied white crackle paste by Art Extravagance in some patches. 

I stamped the sentiment in StazOn black Ink on a tissue paper( packaging of hubby's new shirt...:P ).
StazOn inks are ideal as they are water poof  and stay put even when you apply lots of other mediums( here ranger multi medium to stick it on canvas). But they dry fast so buy the reinker along with your pad as they need frequent reinking. 

I also die cut an anchor from woodgrain card stock & emboss it with different metalic embossing powder for that rustic metal look.

Here is the assembled project. 

I also made a sailor's knot from some cotton twine. All the pieces are glued using multi medium matte by ranger. This is an excellent product to adhere all types of material on your card as well. It dries clear and matte so no strings of hot glue gun or glop of glossy glue. Can't recommend enough!

Apply a round magnet  on the back of each panel with a strong adhesive . You can also use these mini easels  to display your art works. 

There are many ways to use these cute canvases. I will be sharing few more in future post. Till then, try to use them your way and please share your ideas with us. 
I realized that this is going to be my last post for this year! Wishing you all a very happy and creative 2017! Keep crafting, keep sharing!



Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stretch your Planner Stickers

Hello everyone! This is Deepti and welcome back. Today I'm focusing on Insta Quote stickers. These are meant for planners but you can stretch these and can use on your cards. These stickers add a trendy and posh look to your cards.

Today, I'm going to show you three different ways of using these stickers on your cards. So let;s get started!

Creating a story or scene : This card is pretty simple. This cute little dog is following his dreams and he is reaching out for a dough nut! He is just following his heart and dreams!! Conveying the message in a simple way!

Creating a Pattern Paper : I chose all the stickers that has pretty patterns and stick it on a piece of card stock forming an unusual pattern. Voila! Your own DIY background is ready.

Simple Pop up cards : Yes! you can create some inspiring and encouraging pop up cards. :)

These are just a few card ideas but you can make many more out of these. The sky is not the limit! Just go for it and explore and share your beautiful ideas with us.

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you again! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Let's spin and slide!

Hello crafty friends,

I am here with some slider and spinner card. It is quite a trend lately but I never tried them before. I always thought that it is easy if you have right type of dies. So when Priya sent me this Spinner card dies by Nellie Snellen, I was thrilled to try my hands at it!

There are 3 dies which are to create the slit/channel for your sliding or spinning object, 1 is to make pinwheel and two circle dies are there to make the mechanism behind spinning object.

Assembling a slider card is not at all difficult. The time consuming part is thinking about stamps and dies to use. You need to select a focal point element and sentiment very carefully. It should justify  the movement of a slider / spinner card. 

For the first card, I used Altenew's Stick Figure stamp set.  I selected the image where a man is pushing a huge rock and so i can show the movement - pushing, moving ! 

Let's see step by step how I made it.

I took a little smaller panel of Bielo CS than my base card (a2). I masked and created ground and sky with distress inks. I made a slope to make the message more effective. I also stamped stick figure with a rock on a card stock and fussy cut it and also blend inks on it so it will merge with background and will become part of scene. 


Next, I took another smaller panel which will go behind the slit, inked it to match the front panel and used my MISTI to position my sentiment exactly in that slit so it will be visible when the stick figure and rock is moved.


See how I lifted the panel with 3d foam tape to give room for the slider disc to move. For the slider part I cut a circle (its diameter has to be larger than slit width) and stacked 2-3 stripes of card stock slightly narrow than slit which will allow the sliding part move freely. Now, mount the main panel on the one with sentiment while sandwiching the slider disk in the slit. Adhere the stick figure and rock cutout on that sliding stripe with glue. Mount the whole circus on a base card. Check the video to see it in action.

Isn't that fun?

Now let's check the second card!

Watch the video first to see it in action. That will give you better idea of construction of spinning pinwheel.

So, let's start step by step.
I took a top fold A2 size Bielo card base, smooshed some dye base ink from top left corner. Once the ink was dry did same stroke with versamark ink pad and heat embossed it in Brutus Monroe silver embossing powder. Cut heart shape and pin wheel from some pattern paper. 

I used these round 3d, double-sided  foam dots, a brad and a twine to build pinwheel spinner.

Sandwich the twine between two sticky side two foam dots. Adhere it to the back of pinwheel while piercing it with a brad. Keep the top backing paper intake.  

Glue the heart diecut on the base & punch a hole with a needle tool. Pass the brad of pinwheel through the hole and secure it from the back of the card front. I adhered a red heart which says 'pull here' at the end of the twine for that finishing touch.Your spinner is ready. Just wrap the twine around pinwheel and pull to spin it.

Die cut 'YOU" from a black glitter foam. Rest of the sentiment is made using Dymo Lable Embosser.
I love this tool as it is very useful to create your own sentiments. 

Are you still with me?

Moving to the last card....

For this card I meant to use that wavy  slider die to imitate the waves of sea. But when I realized that I switched the die by mistake, it was too late. 
I have used pattern paper for the lower half of the panel.

I hope you enjoyed the post and my creation. Give it a try, it is truly fun. Keep in mind to choose stamp carefully to make your cards more effective.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jewelry with Metal Stamping

Hello Peeps

I am back again with another post and this time with something new I have ever tried. Yes, I will be sharing ideas, tips and techniques on yet another form of jewelry making tool available exclusively with the CraftShop. And this Metal Stamping. I am just a beginner and sharing everything that worked best for me. And it requires practice to get the perfect results !

What is Metal Stamping ?
Metal Stamping simply means stamping on metal as we stamp on paper. It is a great way to share your heartfelt messages with your friends, loved ones, and the world. It is an amazing way of creating customized jewelry.

What are Metal Stamps ?
To do metal stamping with hand you need metal stamps. Metal stamps are solid rods with alphabets and numbers on one end and it is flat on other end.  They come in variety of sizes like 3mm, 5mm and in upper and lower cases. The image below shows how it actually looks –

Metal Stamping Tools -

Metal Stamping tools includes –

1. Metal Stamps
2. A very smooth and hard surface that can take some banging. This is the surface where you will place your metal blanks to be stamped. I tried stamping on heavy wooden log and iron block too. Both worked for me. Avoid using floor as stamping surface, chances of damaging it with hammer. Also avoid concrete floor as metal blanks will get concrete impression on back side. So whatever surface you choose, it has to be hard and smooth.
3. A metal hammer with a flat face. I use a regular hardware-store hammer. A fairly heavy hammer that’s still comfortable for you to use can make your stampings turn out better
4. Permanent markers (like Sharpie), in black and / or any other colors you wish. I am using a CD marker
5. A pencil or a sketch pen for drawing lines
6. Masking tape, painter’s tape, or post-it note
7. Tissues or soft cloth
8.  Metal Blanks

Prepare you Metal Stamps –

I recommend drawing a line on metal stamps using marker or acrylic colors. The line is drawn in the center on a side. This will help in stamp alignment on metal surfaces while stamping as the line which you will draw actually divides letters in two parts. And you can take this line as your reference point. Make sure you mark the side which makes letter appear right on stamping surface; you don’t have to choose right direction every time as a result. Thus, saving your time!
You can also write the stamp’s letter or number on stamp. This will help in picking letters quickly for stamping. And will make your future tasks easier too. Refer to this image

How to do Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping can be done on variety of metals – aluminum, brass, iron, stainless steel etc. Metals differ in hardness. You can start with aluminum as it is softer and takes a good impression and is inexpensive. You can try your hand on some household items. Washers are a good for starters.
I too first stamped on washers. You will get an idea of the pressure with which the hammer is hit on the metal stamp.

I am explaining a tutorial on stamping on metal blanks which are rectangular/square -

1. Take you stainless steel blank. Remove its bail. Measure it dimension (image 1). Plan whether you want to stamp horizontally or vertical. 
2. Use a pencil or sketch pen to draw a line in center. (image 2). 
3. Write your text on paper and arrange your metal stamps in order accordingly. (image 3 & 4)
4. Place your stamp on hard, smooth surface. Tape it down so it doesn’t move when hammered. (image 5)
5.  Now draw lines at equal distance on metal blank. If your word is say “blessed”, then you need to draw 7 lines at equal distance. You can use a ruler for this. If you are planning to add some charms while finishing off your pendant then start stamping first letter at a distance from the top. Or if you want to add some charms/embellishments at the bottom then leave space for them beforehand. You need to plan these things first for stamping. (image 6)
6.  Extend lines on tape so that it is easier to align stamp
7. Hold the metal stamp with the text facing you (letter written in yellow colour facing you, image 7 )and the flat end up. Hold the metal stamp firmly at the base. I holded the stamp slightly in the middle for shooting purpose. Align the stamp line with the line on the metal blank. (image 7)
8. Now give a nice tap with hammer. Use a heavy hammer for stainless steel. Hit each stamp once with your hammer. You can even hit more than once but be careful not to move your metal stamp; otherwise you’re likely to get blurred or double images.
9. To pop the letters, coat them with black permanent marker. Then wipe off the excess with tissue or cloth.

Stamping on round or curved surface

If you are stamping on round surface then you use these tips for stamping

1.       Place your blank on hard, smooth surface and tape it down. (image 1)
2.       Arrange you metal stamps in order. (image 2)
3.       I am stamping “Be Happy”. So draw lines at equal distance. I am marking small dots on each line where I will be placing my stamps. Check the red encircled mark on image. (image 3)
4.       Pick your metal stamp. You can start with any letter. Align the stamp line with the line on blank and don’t go beyond dot.(image 4)
5.       Now give a nice tap with hammer.
6.       Coat with acrylic color or marker and wipe off the excess with tissue.

This is the finished pendant –

I stamped on this heart shaped metal blank. The metal is relatively soft so it needs hammering with less pressure. Holding stamp with shaky hands will result in misalignment (letter V).

And the finished one –

Some more –

Some Useful Tips –
1.       Metal stamping takes practice and with practice you will get better.
2.       Use inexpensive items first to test and use the front and back for even more practice.
3.       Always relax while stamping

That’s all for today.  I hope you like my maiden attempt at Metal Stamping. I still need more practice. Do give it a try. And for queries, leave a comment.
Thank you for stopping by. See you next time !!!

Till then
Happy Crafting

Friday, December 9, 2016

Calender in a box

Hi friends,
Year 2016 is almost over and we all are getting ready to welcome 2017 . The craft companies gave us have some amazing products to enjoy and I hope the same will happen in 2017..
Looking forward for an enriching and creative year ahead.
So lets get started for today's post,
I got a book box by Graphic45

Each Book Box includes a coordinating 3 piece tag album with binder ring.
Book Box (7.125 x 5  x2.5 in)
Regular Tag Album (5.75 x 3.875in) 

so this is a very sturdy and neat book box which you can use to hold you mini albums, gifts, jewellery, keepsakes etc..
I somehow wanted to give it a new look and functionality and hence I transformed this into a calendar. You can make a bunch of these with scraps of paper and its a perfect gift for new year.
I really don't enjoy making the box structure and working with chipboard ...its kinda difficult and nuclear science for me. So if u are like me just grab this amazing box decorate and embellish it (which is my favourite part ;) I am sure u will feel happy and satisfied by the masterpieces you will create.

Here are some pictures

ok now I have a video showing u what exactly I did to this box and made a calendar.
watch it at youtube

I hope you will try this project and do not forget to share the pictures with us at our FB page and other social media.

see you soon

Graphic 45 Book box
Paperpad 12X12 by Papericious- The flora Season
Big shot machine
Scalloped circle Die
Tonic Trimmer
ATG glue gun
Tombow Glue
Thick cardstock